Cancellation And Return policy

Cancellation And Return policy

Cancellation and Return policy

Brand Voucher Orders for which Cancellation is application are enabled during order process in the website and app as per individual brand sellers.

Also the cancellation process is sent via email or sms with a url link of brand website where it can be done. Once the order is confirmed from our side cancellation is applicable only on brand website.

Refund policy

Cancel approved orders or the orders in which customer account was debited but order not confirmed kind of cases amount will be refunded in 4-7 working days.

Amount to be refunded will be credited in customer source account from where payment was received.

Delivery policy

All of our voucher purchases are delivered digitally in the form of url link, promocode through email with complete redemption details either on brand website, 3rd party websites like Amazon, flipkart,etc. There is no physical delivery of any items on us.